Custom Fit Workshop

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CustomFit makes custom patterns for hand-knit sweaters. It takes your choices, your body, and your hand-knit fabric and produces a pattern perfectly suited to you. Design and fit expertise are built-in, so you get to make all the fun choices ("I want a long-sleeved scoop-neck!"), without worrying about the hard ones ("How much ease do I need in my waist?"). CustomFit builds a pattern that fits beautifully from hem to neck, and everywhere in between. It works like this: we take your measurements (just once), you knit a swatch and choose your sweater  elements (style, neckline, sleeve style, edgings, etc.). We put that information into our special LYS CustomFit account and create a pattern that is perfect for you. Your measurements are saved forever, so your second sweater is even easier!  Includes a Knit to Flatter overview, measurements, swatching and good fabric. Bring back swatches on the second day and then we will design your sweater and create your pattern. 

Dates: Thursday, Feb 15 & 22; 7-8 pm  Cost: $30


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