Cricket Quartet

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The Cricket Quartet reimagines Schacht's  most popular rigid heddle loom, the 15" Cricket–transforming it into a 4-shaft loom with a 13-1/2" weaving width. Schacht engineered the Quartet with thoughtful features that help you weave more complex patterns. Closely spaced levers move with smooth action to raise and lower shafts. You’ll achieve clean sheds with help from the extended back beam. The pivot beater maximizes your weaving space. Like all Schacht products, the Cricket Quartet is manufactured in the USA. This one comes with a 10 dent reeed

  • Includes 300 Texsolv heddles and your choice of 6, 8, 10, 12, or 15 dent reed
  • Made of high-quality maple plywood and solid hard maple; left unfinished to match your Cricket loom
  • Ships flat-packed, with assembly required
  • 15" Cricket Loom and optional 15" Cricket Stand sold separately
  • You will need a warping system (a warping peg set or warping board) for measuring warp chains—try Schacht Warping Pegs or Warping Board (available in 4-1/2 yard and 14 yard sizes)

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